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Consequences of treatment

Where a therapy would be used to make someone feel better, it often might not be the case for the treatment given to those who like younger people.

It is to be noted that this kind of treatment often goes against some fundamental Human Rights, more precisely articles #5, #18 and #19 of the chart.

On this page you will find the negative consequences that such a "therapy", usually being associated with the legal system, can have afterwards on a person who went through it entirely.

These facts are being cumulated from real people who went through the entire treatment, based on their own experiences and feelings inside,
therefore cannot be ignored or denied whatsoever by anyone. 

Please click on each facts to get further explanations and examples.

Treatment itself
no respect over oneself's beliefs
no real freedom of expression 
forced "therapy" 
false confidentiality 
manipulation of all kinds 
they always have the final word 
abuse of their power 
not a therapy 
being treated like babies 
the famous "denial" 

Consequences afterwards

always have watery eyes
to withdraw into oneself
angryness when the person "wakes up" afterwards
feeling inferior to others
feel ugly and unworthy
feel crushed
scared of people
no more self-confidence
feeling of being had
feeling of oneself not having being respected in his beliefs
feeling of not being able to express oneself enough

"Instead of debating, they hunt for killing..."


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